About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Caitlin, I'm in the black shirt! 


Just to tell you a little bit about me. I grew up in a small town where my only access to immediate shopping consisted of 3 different dollar stores. That's correct, the closest Wal-Mart was about 15 minutes away. Not having a lot of options taught me how to give old items a makeover. This is still something I still love to do  and probably appreciate more than others.

My newest task at hand is learning to sew. It all started this past Halloween (2010). I had no idea what a "bobbin" was or how to go in a straight line, but some how I managed to create the best costume thus far! Since then I have tackled smaller scale projects like pillows and bags, but my goal is to be able to make a skirt before long.

I recently bought a new Canon Rebel Camera and LOVE IT. I have a trip planned to Europe in May 2011 (Ireland, Norway, Scotland and England) and want to be a pro before then. Between school, work and a social life, I am slowly learning :)

Other things I think you should know about me on a more personal level: 

  • I love to find a bargain 
  • I relate my life to songs 
  • I've traveled to Spain, Portugal, Africa (Morocco) and Mexico 
  • I am terrified of spiders 
  • I believe in signs
  • I want to travel to Ireland before I die
  • I have a moped/scooter
  • I like to make people smile 
  • I think eyes and teeth are the best features 
I think that is me in a nutshell!