Friday, June 10, 2011

A spin on tie fashion

I have been seeing SO MANY tie refashions lately that I just love! My dad is retired and has too many ties for me to even mention. I can't wait until I go home again to snag some up so I can do something fun and creative with them. Until then, here are a few of my favorites! 

 Have an awesome Weekend! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cicada's in Missouri

I don't know if EVERYONE has cicadas or if the midwest is the only blessed area (sarcasm). If you have them where you live I'm sure you are tired of them too, if you don't have them, consider yourself lucky! 

A local homemade ice cream shop made national news by creating a batch of cicada flavored ice cream. They basically boiled the bugs and covered them in brown sugar and milk chocolate before putting them into the ice cream. Gross, right? Well apparently people liked it because it sold out...WOW! 
photo rights (Columbia Missourian)

Why would you eat this? 

I came across this video on YouTube and it's exactly how I feel about cicadas! 

Do you have cicadas where you live? What are your thoughts on them? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm back!!! With Photos to share :)

I'm finally back :) Sorry it's taken me so long to get photos up. I don't really have any good excuses for taking so long except for I've been busy with unpacking, working, getting ready for classes and just flat out trying to relax! 


Europe was a BLAST. We did have some crazy luck though. The Queen came to Dublin while we were there which closed a lot of things down. Then Obama was in London and of course the Ash Cloud from Iceland put a slight damper on things for a few days! All in all it made for a VERY memorable trip. Below are a few photos from our trip! 
(For some reason the photo's look grainy on blogger...hoping these fix themselves)

We got to go white water rafting in Norway on the Sjoa River. 


The Barrens in Ireland

St. Patricks Cathedral 

Rock at the Scotland/England Border

The Countdown until the Olympics in London

I love this photo. The sky was so crazy that it almost looked fake! 

Tower Bridge

An unfinished roman monument in Scotland. 

On the climb up Arthur's Seat (volcano) 

 The Ash Cloud was a pretty big deal in Scotland and Ireland. Airports closed for a day. 

Locals spit on this heart because it use to be on the building where they would have to go to pay their taxes. So when they left they would spit on the heart. The building was torn down but to serve as a reminder they put the heart into the new ground. This is me attempting to spit :) 

A beautiful Abbey. Melrose I believe?  

These are just a few that I wanted to share. I still have over 300 photos left to sort through :) However, classes started this week so it might be a little while until I get to them. 

Happy Monday!