Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cicada's in Missouri

I don't know if EVERYONE has cicadas or if the midwest is the only blessed area (sarcasm). If you have them where you live I'm sure you are tired of them too, if you don't have them, consider yourself lucky! 

A local homemade ice cream shop made national news by creating a batch of cicada flavored ice cream. They basically boiled the bugs and covered them in brown sugar and milk chocolate before putting them into the ice cream. Gross, right? Well apparently people liked it because it sold out...WOW! 
photo rights (Columbia Missourian)

Why would you eat this? 

I came across this video on YouTube and it's exactly how I feel about cicadas! 

Do you have cicadas where you live? What are your thoughts on them? 


  1. I was raised in Ohio and grew up hearing those little guys flying in from miles away! Oh my gosh I forgot all about that until I read your post. I now live in Northern California. There are no cicadas here, only a few crickets once in a while. However there are also no fireflies (lightning bugs) either. Now I miss the fireflies...not the cicadas!!!!! Cute, cute video!!!!

  2. Named "cigales" here in France. They live in southern France, = Provence. For me, they = holidays, sea, sun, pinetrees, aso. I was sooooo happy there, so many years during the holidays ! But I live in Alsace. I hope I may live by my dear cicadas when I'll be retired (= very soon !) I miss them so much ...

  3. I hate cicadas too... they were everywhere when I was in Texas (more so than in SC). And the cicada ice cream was on the news here in the middle of nowhere, deep DEEP south... our newscasters thought it sounded like a great idea. I'm sure someone around here is manufacturing it along with moonshine in someone's bathtub/barn... : )