Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tips for Traveling Abroad

I have been crazy busy this week with packing, cleaning and working, so there hasn't been much time for crafting. Although I realize you all follow me for my craftiness, I wanted to share some traveling tips I have learned from my travels. Just incase anyone else is planning to travel outside the US...

Tennis Shoes are a must! Sure your sandals are much prettier, but after you walk about 3 miles in them you are going to be more concerned with comfort. I learned this the hard way! 

(my newest pair)

Eye Drops are your best friend. Often our eyes have trouble adjusting to the new climate making them dry. You want to have eye drops on hand to ensure that your view of all the awesome sites is as clear and enjoyable as possible! 

Walk around on the plane. High pressure for long periods of time can cause swelling. If your flight is longer than a couple of hours (which most are) make it a point to get up and walk around the plane for a little bit. This gets the blood flowing better.

Hand Sanitizer- it's a must. Most places outside the US do not have clean bathrooms. Imagine the worst bathroom possible in the US and that is probably the best in other countries. Some places even make you pay to use their restroom.  

Copy your passport.
Always make a copy of your passport in case it gets stolen or lost. If you are traveling with someone make them a copy too. It's best to leave the copy in your suitcase and not to carry it on you. Also, email it to yourself. Most people have smart phones and there is free wifi so you could easily access it. Make sure to write down the number for the US embassy for where you'll be traveling to. 

Invest in a Money Belt. Most places outside the US have issues with pickpocketing. In fact, in parts of Europe the people have been known to even come up behind you and cut your shoulder strap off your purse and take the whole thing. NEVER CARRY YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR PURSE! The money belt is great because it goes under the clothing so people can not see or nor take it easily. 

Call your Bank and/or Credit Card Company- If you try to take money out of an ATM or pay for things while out of the country its possible the bank will decline your card. This is for security reasons so its always best to call ahead of time and let them know when and where you'll be. The number is usually on the back of your card. Also, note that a lot of places only take Visa or Mastercard. 

Those are the most important pointers in my book...besides don't over pack! But I don't know how to explain that one except for pack clothes that can be layered (tanks, cardigans, etc.)

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