Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bouquet of Flower Pens

I'm been thinking that my desk at work looks pretty boring lately, so I decided to add a little color to it. 
While at Dollar Tree today I spotted some pretty pink flowers and then it's like a little light went off in my head and I thought, "I should attach these to pens". So I bought the flowers and brought them home. 
First I cut off the bottoms of the flowers and took off the fake leaves. I then started wrapping floral tape around the pen until it looked like this. 
I wasn't quite sure how to make it stick so I used hot glue at the end. I also left enough room so the cap would go on the pen. I repeated this process until I had done all 7 pens 
Total Costs: 

Flowers        $1.00
Floral Tape  $0.15 (whole roll was $1.00)
Pen Holder   $0.50 (got at garage sale)
Hot Glue       $0.05 (25 sticks for $1.00)


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