Friday, January 14, 2011

The Search for a Chair has FINALLY ended!

To give you a little back history on my search for the "perfect" chair.

Over Thanksgiving break I waited in line outside Weekends Only (furniture store) for 30 minutes just to get a chair. I was 4th in line and there were 6 so I was supposed to be "guaranteed" to get one. Well by the time I got in the store and had all my information logged into the system there were no more chairs left. That's right. I was guaranteed, yet didn't get one. That's because an unidentified man sitting in his truck went straight to the counter and purchased two. Talk about cheating the system. After this event I was just annoyed and gave up on the search.

Almost two months later I was walking around a local Flea Market called "Itchy's" (cleaver huh?) and found the perfect chair! I was unable to pick it up yesterday because I needed an SUV to transport it so today a friend came to the rescue and helped me move it. Thanks Chayla!

If chairs could talk I think mine would tell me just how much she loves her new home!! 

This story is to show there is truth behind my favorite saying, "Everything happens for a reason". Even though I stood in line for 30 minutes I dont think I was "meant" to have that chair from weekends only. Now this chair on the other hand...PERFECT! 

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