Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Last weekend when I went home to STL I found some awesome deals at GoodWill...Not sure If I should mention my mom and I went to THREE in one day?! Hey, we were on a roll. At the first GW I got this table. 
I know it doesn't look like much, but for $20 I couldn't pass it up; It's perfect for a "sewing center". As soon as it's warm enough to paint again you'd better believe you're going to see a complete transformation done to this baby! 
We didn't have much luck at GW #2, but at GW #3 we hit the jackpot! We went strictly looking for a chair to go with a my new table/desk. We found it! The chair was ticketed for $4.00, which is a steal! However, soon after we stuck it in our cart a man working there came up and said, "Furniture is 50% off today". WHAT!?!?! This chair is only $2.00? YAHOO!! 
I originally only planned to get the chair, but then I spotted this filing cabinet. I had been wanting one, but couldn't find a decent price on any of them. It was originally marked $18, which I think is still too high since the drawers don't close all the way and there isn't a key. However, with the 50% it was only $9.00. I figured why not, I probably won't find one much cheaper and this will just be another fixer-upper for me to share with you all! 
P.S. I still can't believe ALL OF THIS fit in my little G6 :)

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