Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spoons Turned into Art

This weeks inspiration comes from a blog byTatertots and Jello. If you have been following me I'm sure you remember the silverware I found last week at GoodWill for $2.


Well, after reading Tatertots blog I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it...I just wasn't really sure how to go about doing it. So I begun by bending the spoons and hot gluing them together.Picture
Once the spoons were bent I cut out material and placed it over a cardboard circle. I felt like this needed a little something extra to make it really pop so I asked my (also crafty) friend Kat if I could have some buttons. 


While at the flea market (where I scored my awesome new chair) I found an old wooden frame for a $1. It was pretty scratched up but really sturdy, so I purchased it for this project.


The one bad thing about this frame is it didn't come with a back...so I made one. We always have left over cardboard boxes at work so I brought one home and cut it to fit the back.

After spray painting the frame black (that was interesting in winter) I searched through my fabric and found some black I thought would look really well. I then took wooden letters I already had and painted them a gold color to match the fabric. And here is what I got


I LOVE IT! I think it was the perfect addition to my little "eating area". 
Total Estimated Costs for Project

Frame: $1
Spoons: $1 (forks and spoons were $2)
Fabric: $1
Buttons: FREE
Letters: Already had on hand (est: $0.50)
Gold Paint: Already had on hand (est: $0.50)
Cardboard: Free
Hot Glue: Already had on hand (est: $0.50)
Spray Paint: Already had on hand (est: $0.50)

TOTAL: $ 5.00


  1. very cute idea! I haven't seen anything else like this!

  2. I have been wanting to do this for a while. it looks great!

  3. Thank you all for the wonderful comments :) I'm so glad you liked it too!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I love it! You are so creative. :)


  5. Very cute idea. Found you at Letting the Creative Tuesday Juices
    link party. Following you now.

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