Monday, January 31, 2011

Umbrella Holder

Our office has desperately been needing a home for our umbrellas and I found this "holder" at none other guessed it....GoodWill for only $2.00. 
Originally I was going to spray paint it, but like I learned this past weekend...It's too cold for spray paint right now! Not wanting to wait, I decided to decoupage it.  
First I planned on using some scrapbook paper, but then decided I would probably be too particular and it just wouldn't look as good as I wanted it to. So, I settled for the next best thing....magazines! 
I tore out pieces that were fun, bright, and had patterns. Then I started glueing them on in random ways and covering them with more glue. 
After it finally dried this is what I had! 
For those of you who dont know, I work in the Human Resources office at Stephens College. Stephens is well known for their fashion and design, so I decided to capture a little of that for our office. 
I thought about putting river rock in the bottom to help pull the water away from the umbrellas when they are wet. Not sure if it will work though. Does anyone have any better ideas? 
Holder         $2.00
ModPodge  FREE (had on hand)
Magazines  FREE (had on hand)

        Total    $2.00 

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