Monday, January 24, 2011

Stairway Art

This is actually a project I worked on over Christmas Break, but still wanted to share. My room at my parents house is in the attic so I definitely get my exercise on the stairs when I am home (sometimes I even fall down them...ouch). I use to have a wooden star on the wall, but then my mom took it down sometime while I was away at college. Ever since then the stairway has just been kind of with time on my hands I decided to add some family history to it. (Sorry no before picture). 
The inspiration to do this really came from Lacey! I love the way she organized her pictures in their house. Hers are pretty high quality pictures, but I took the cheap route. The photos really came from everywhere. Some were printed at Wal-Mart, a couple I found in a box of photos, and a few (the black and white ones) use to be in our hallway in Licking. 
I bought all of the frames with colored photos in them for $7.00 at Wal-Mart. This was a Black Friday deal that Wal-Mart had, but luckily they still had a few left during Christmas. (This looks completely different in person...a lot better actually! It was really hard to get a good photo because of the angle). 
That's me in Preschool! 
Andrew during the toss-ball years...trying not to smile!
Hailey monster when she was about a year old. 
Total Costs 
12 Black Pictures frames  $7.00
Printed Photos                  $3.00
Old Photos + Frames       $0.00 (already had)
Sticky Tack                       $1.50
Nails                                 $0.00 (already had)

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