Thursday, February 17, 2011

I {heart} GoodWill

It's time. Thrifty Thursday is HERE! 

This past Thursday I went to our local GoodWill and ...of course... got some really awesome deals! 

I got these picture frames for a $1.00 each 

I am thinking of painting them a color that really 'pops' so they can go along with my new mirror!

This next find was an impulse purchase...if you can call it that? I was standing in line and I happened to look down and saw all of these really pretty bags. 

I didn't really have a chance to look in it before it was my turn to check-out, but I thought, "Heck, I'd pay $0.59 just for the cute bag". 

Now before I show you the rest of the items in the bag, I feel its necessary to tell you...I am not expecting. 

This was the first item I pulled out of the bag. I thought the diaper & wipe holder was really cute!

 Then there were coupons galore and more samples! 

Like I said before, I have no use for these items, but I did mail them to a friend who just had a beautiful new baby girl. 

After all the pictures, my friend Kat came over and I was showing her the bag and then I found something I had previously missed...the most {amazing} thing in the whole package...

A $20.00 Giftcard/redemption code to Shutterfly!!!!! YAHOO! I use Shutterfly to make a lot of my memory books, believe it or not, I gave up on scrapbooking. The expiration date is 06/22/2011 which means I will be able to use it to make one for my Ireland trip in May! 

You know I love to do my "Total Costs" at the end of posts, but I think this pretty much sums it up!

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