Monday, February 14, 2011

Past Projects Monday

Happy Monday!! 

It was a VERY busy weekend for me which didn't leave much room for crafting. Instead of relaxing I worked on a 12 page paper I have due this week...sounds fun right? {yuck}. 

Saturday I was going through my iPhone and saw several projects I did before I started this blog. Although there are no picture step-by-steps I thought it would be fun to share! Enjoy! 

This is a customized picture frame I made for a friend who was graduating from college. It was really simple to make and costs less than $5.00. 

During a trip to Michaels I picked up: unfinished dollar picture frame, graduation scrapbook paper, unfinished letters and purple paint. 

I like to call this my "wall of friends", which I think is a simple and fun way to decorate! I went through all my old photos from this past year and found ones I liked and then turned them black and white. Next, I bought a sheet of adhesive letters from the dollar store and then found a quote online that fit. I used the letters to put the quote on the wall. The last step, it took the longest, was to lay the pictures out on the floor and make sure I had them arranged how I wanted them. Once I finally figured it out...I started putting them on the wall! This project was pretty inexpensive. I would say the whole project costs right around $10.00

A few summers ago I was going through our storage in the basement and came across this UGLY foot stool. It was brown and had a dark leather top. Wondering why we would EVER keep such an ugly thing I asked my mom and she told me it was my Great Grandfathers so she had been hanging on to it. My very next question was, "Can I redo it" and to my surprise she said, "SURE". 

I removed the seat and recovered with fabric I found at Wal-mart in the remnants bin. I spray painted the wooden part satin black and had to fix the supporting bar with wood glue. A few hours later I had a TOTAL transformation. It's a shame I don't have a before and after picture, because this is the piece that showed me I really could do this kind of stuff :) Total costs were right around $10.00 since I didn't have any spray paint or wood glue on hand. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)

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