Monday, February 21, 2011

New Wall Art

{Painted Frames}

I have been wanting to redecorate my room but have struggled finding items to work. If you don't know my back story, let me fill you in really quick. 

{I live in a dorm} I am currently in grad school and work as a "graduate assistant" in a department on campus. Basically this position allows me to receive free tuition, free room (I actually have 2 rooms connected by a bathroom) and also a monthly paycheck. All around its an AWESOME deal! However, I have to admit... it took some time before I was use to living in a small space again, but I did it! The only complaint I have now is CONCRETE WALLS! 

I've learned that you have to be VERY creative when it comes to decorating with concreate walls (sticky tack and 3M strips have been my saving grace). So here is where I am currently at...

Last week during a trip to goodwill I found these decent frames for $1 a piece. 

I dug through my stash of paint and decided to paint them this awesome green color. 

I found these wall decals at GoodWill for $2.99 (they are originally from Target and were priced for $14.99). 

I placed the decals on the wall and then framed them with each of the frames. 

(Normally you cant see the decal lines on the wall, but you can here because of the flash)

Estimated Total Costs

Decals--------1.50 (used 2 of the 4)
Paint----------0.50 (used half of the paint)
Sticky Tack-0.50 

Total Costs  $4.50

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