Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature: Silk Flower Tutorial

It's a {Feature Friday} here at CaitsCreates
This week I am featuring my thrifty and talented blogging friend, Lauren

If you are a thrifty crafter then you will LOVE Lauren's blog Young Nester. Please feel free to hop on over and check her out!

 Young Nester's Silk Flower Tutorial 

Silk (I bought a yard of black silk with polyester at Jo-Ann's fabric w/ a coupon) = $6
Scrapbooking brads (or beads or buttons or whatever) = $1
Flame (I used a large candle) = fire is free!
Magnet Strip = $1-2
TOTAL: $8-9

Are you excited yet?


Start by cutting your silk into different sized circles like so:

As you can see, I just kind of winged it. No perfect circles in this house! I mean, I was about to burn the darn things... there was no way I was going to be tracing and cutting beautiful circles to BURN. 

Then, hold over the flame. Pretty simple. Be sure to keep it moving over the flame and not to get it too close or it will melt your imperfect circles and this will be your outcome (prepare yourself):

This is why practice makes perfect. You don't want an Addams Family flower. You want a pretty, dainty flower.

Put it all together and this is what you've got!

And then, to avoid my sewing machine, I used an awesome little brad and poked it through one piece of silk at a time until they were all attached.

And this is what it looks like! I've seen people sew buttons and pearls and bears, oh my. It's whatever you like! Because this was my first (successful) flower, I decided to avoid my sewing machine keep it simple.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what the back looks like with the brad all the way through.

I then decided to hot glue a piece of magnet tape to the back to make it a... magnet. Since I have the rest of the yard to make these babies (I wish I had picked white or pink), I'll probably make some for head bands, beanies, hair pins, shirt pin-ons, pillow pin-ons, etc. 

Thanks for sharing Lauren! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Make sure to stop by on Monday...I am doing a blog swap with my friend Leasa over at Funkymom Cards and there will be a giveaway involved :) 

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  1. You are amazing! Thank you so much for featuring me! (and putting up with my crazy schedule)! You are a GREAT blogggin' friend! :)