Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I won an Oscar?!?

Okay, so I didn't really win an Oscar, but I won the next best thing in blog land...my {FIRST} blogging award! 

Emma at Ruby Murrays Musings was nice enough to present me with this award! Thank you Emma! I guess people really do read my blog... who knew! Anyways, hop on over and check out Emma's awesome fashion fixes...she takes old hand-me-downs and turns them into something FABULOUS! I am very jealous of her mad skills! 

Now, like any award I have a few "duties" to fill...
  1. Share 7 things about myself 
  2. Pass on the award to 10 other versatile and worthy bloggers
Seven Interesting Facts about Caitlin
  1. I have a moped/scooter... i{heart}it
  2. I was the first girl born into my family in over 100 years
  3. I use to live in a town called "Licking"...laugh all you want :) 
  4. I HATE spiders 
  5. I could eat Pizza and Cheesecake everyday of my life 
  6. I craft to stay sane between work and graduate school 
  7. I currently live in a dorm...read more HERE
I now present the Versatile Blogger Award to...