Wednesday, March 9, 2011

St. Pats Bags

Two weeks ago I made a few fifteen of these bags for a friend of mine to sell at St. Patricks Day festivities. 

They are pretty simple to make just time consuming with all the cutting out you have to do!

To start the project I found a shamrock pattern online and then scaled it to size. 

I traced the pattern onto heat-n-bond and the ironed the fabric onto the opposite side (follow directions)

 This is what it looked like before I pealed the backing off.

Next, I peeled the backing off and ironed it onto the bag.

Making sure to go over all the edges...

Once the shamrock was ironed on I set my sewing machine to the zig-zag pattern  

I put my needle right along the edge and started to applique

 I think the white really makes it pop against the black. 


  1. Super cute. Reading your blog reminds me of all the things I would like to do if I had a sewing machine lol.

  2. Very cute and easy but like Emily I have no sewing machine :(

  3. These are so cute! I love the white thread too; it really does make it pop!