Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rockin' the 'sham'

Can you believe it's already MARCH?!?! 
Before you know it you're going to need something GREEN for St. Patricks Day!  

I have a CHEAP,SIMPLE, FAST and FASHIONABLE solution for you...

A SHAMROCK HEADBAND for under 50 cents!

Here's the process...

I started with a simple green piece of felt. 

I Googled for a shamrock and then shrunk it to size (I guessed). I then proceeded to cut out felt shamrocks using the template. 

Once I was done cutting the biggest shamrock out I sewed it to a stretchy headband to secure it. 

Like so.

Then I used a scrap piece of felt, left over from cutting around the shamrocks, and hot glued it to the back of the headband to add more durability. 

Next, I simply hot glued the littlest shamrock on top of the bigger one. 

It can be worn like a normal head band {please excuse my bad iphone modeling pictures}

Or across your head...minus the crazy hair I have going on :) 

Pretty quick and simple. I think the whole project took me about 15 minutes and that included finding the shamrocks and printing them out! 


Green Felt.............$0.05
Hot Glue.............. $0.05


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