Thursday, March 3, 2011


I need your help! 

If you missed Last Monday's post, please read that before proceeding in this one. 

Here is my dilemma. Once I put up my new wall art I decided to hang my mirror in the middle and this is what it looks like.

(Please excuse the fingerprints on my mirror)

I like the beginning of this look but I feel like there needs to be something---Here and Here. 

I am a very symmetrical person...if you couldn't tell! So here is where you come in...what do you think I should hang here? Please give me ANY ideas you have! Just remember, I do have concreate walls, which means it can't be TOO heavy :) 


  1. How about moving one of the chair decal and frames and have them on top of each other as a different layout.

    I too am a symmetrical thinker ;)

    P.s the mirror is gorgeous I love the colour, so pretty.

  2. maybe the same green colored frames but long/rectanglar shaped instead of the square? I're better at this than me!