Friday, April 8, 2011

Flower Pin Tutorial

Spring has finally sprung...and I am in some {desperate} need of bright and cheerful colors! Here is a project I shared a few weeks back on my blog swap with Funkymom Cards. Enjoy!

The Flower Pin Tutorial

First thing I did was gather my supplies

I used two sizes of circles made out of felt, the smaller is roughly 2.5 inches wide and the bigger is about 3.5 inches wide. 

I traced around the big circle on my green fabric 8 times and then cut them out. 

I then folded the circles until I had a "piece of pie". I secured them with a straight pin to keep it in the "pie" shape. 

I repeated this process over and over until I had 8 of the green and 8 of the patterned material (use smaller circle here). 

Next, I ironed each piece to make it lay flat. I then removed the pin.

I took the biggest felt circle and began sewing the green pieces to it until the white circle was completely covered. 

Then I repeat the same process by sewing on the smaller pieces. (Make sure to place one smaller piece in the middle (space) of two of the larger pieces).

I added a decorative button to the middle to make it really pop. 

Finally, I took the smaller felt circle and cut two small slits in it and put a pin through the slits. I then hot glued this circle on to the back of the flower pin to ensure the pin stays.

And there you have it....Your new Spring Accessory! 


  1. Super cool!!! New follower here! I think I'll have to try making one of these for my daughter. She loves big flowers and accessories!

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  2. This is such a cute idea. Thanks for the tutorial! :)