Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's Already Monday!?!?

This weekend felt like a whirl wind...well actually, it kind of was! We had 2 different tornados on Friday. One hit Lambert Airport and put a shuttle bus into the building. Most of the night was spent around the TV watching the two separate storms move through. 
(picture from Channel 2)

Saturday was a full day. I started the day dying eggs with my niece...

Then I met Abby at Panera so we could book some tours for our trip. I can't believe we leave in 20 days!! Here are the ones we have booked so far....

After the planning I ended the day with a Couples shower for my brother and his fiance.

 Sunday was full of family and food!!

Although there wasn't much time for relaxing, I still had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone!I hope you enjoyed yours as well :) 

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